When to give Groomsmen & Bridesmaid gifts?

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When it comes to Groomsmen and Bridesmaid gifts, there is no set in stone tradition, so there is plenty of options for the happy couple this is something they can do how they see fit.

When personally handing the invitation?

Giving groomsmen gifts as early as when the invitations are handed out isn’t really common, but it can certainly be done. At the rehearsal dinner? Rehearsal dinners are typically held right after the wedding rehearsal a day before the wedding. This is a great time to give gifts that are intended to be used during the wedding ceremony itself.

An hour before the Wedding?

Giving groomsmen gifts an hour before the wedding may not really seem practical considering that during that time, your groomsmen would already have been at the wedding venue all dressed up and ready to go, but it does have its advantages - You have all of your groomsmen in one place, making distribution a lot easier, if your gifts are something for your groomsmen to wear during the ceremony, you’ll be assured that they won’t have forgotten it at home. Perfect. At the wedding reception? The wedding reception is usually the last chance to give out groomsmen gifts. Functional yet creative items that your guys can use in their daily lives can be handed out during the speeches and is a perfect way to say thank you to the guys who have got you through ‘the best day of your life’.  BUT REMEMBER - It's your day, so do it your way!!


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